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Kim Jong Un calls for exponential increase in North Korea’s nuclear magazine amid pitfalls from South, US



North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling for an “ exponential increase ” in his country’s nuclear munitions magazine in response to what he claims are pitfalls from South Korea and the United States, Pyongyang’s state media reported Sunday.

Kim’s commentary come as North Korea doubly over the weekend tested what it claimed was a large, nuclear-ablemultiple– launch rocket system that could put all of South Korea in its rangeaccording to a report from the Korean Central News Agency( KCNA).
Speaking on New Year’s Eve on the final day of a six- day grand session that reviewed 2022, Kim said South Korea has come an “ undoubted adversary ” and its main supporter, the US, has increased pressure on the North to the “ outside ” position over the once time by constantly planting its military means to the Korean Peninsula.

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