Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

FBI Agents virtually inactive Brad Pitt — And Angelina Jolie desire to understand Why They Didn’t: Report


The FBI virtually in remission actor Brad Pitt over a 2016 incident aboard AN heavier-than-air craft that reportedly semiconductor diode to his divorce from player Angelina Jolie, per a report.

It was alleged Pitt became drunk and abusive on the then-couple’s personal jet. Being that the country’s skies area unit below the jurisdiction of the centralized, the FBI investigated.

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An FBI representative commented, “In response to allegations created following a flight inside the special craft jurisdiction of the us that landed in l. a. carrying adult male Brad Pitt and his kids, the FBI has conducted a review of the circumstances and can not pursue more investigation.”

Earlier this year, it appeared there was additional to the story. A ‘Jane Doe’ reported to be Jolie sued the bureau, and a court filing listed the lady as someone of standing, and therefore the criticism matched details from the incident aboard the plane.

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