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Eric Trump retweets video erroneously asserting man consumed 80 Trump voting forms | PolitiFact

As votes fairly cast before Election Day continue to be counted, Eric Trump participated a videotape that purported to show someone burning a mound of ballots allocated for his father, President Donald Trump.

“ Burning 80 Trump ballots, ” Eric Trump wroteNov. 4 in a retweet of a post from a suspended Twitter account.
The videotape, which shows a man claiming to be burning “ around 80 ” ballots for Trump, has also spread on Facebook. It was flagged as part of the platform’s sweats to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.( Read further about our cooperation with Facebook.)

The videotape is misinformation, according to election officers in Virginia Beach, where the ballots in the videotape appeared to be from. In aNov. 3 statement, the megacity said it had looked into the videotape.
“ A concerned citizen participated a videotape with us that presumably shows someone burning ballots, ” the statement read. “ They’re NOT sanctioned ballots, they’re sample ballots. ”

The megacity’s statement included a snap- frame print of a ballot from the videotape, which showed that the ballot was for a namer from the megacity. It also included an image showing an sanctioned ballot. “ Note the absence of the bar law markings that are on all sanctioned ballots, ” the statement said.
The ballots in the videotape show the names of the campaigners running for mayor and open megacity council and academy board seats in Virginia Beach, in addition to civil services.

Fire investigators are looking into the incident, the megacity’s statement said.
Original news outlets, including television stations WTKR and WAVY- TV, covered the megacity’s statement on Election Day. A New York Times journalist also twittered about it.

The megacity of Virginia Beach responded to Trump’s tweet participating the videotape to his further than4.4 million Twitter followers, jotting, “ Those were sample ballots. Addressed this history. ”

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