Interesting Facts About Albuquerque

Albuquerque? 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love it! 2022

New Mexico’s biggest city, the Albuquerque Metro region has north of 908,200 inhabitants and is developing at a consistent speed of 1 to 2 percent a year. The region’s five-year development rate is projected at 7.2 percent contrasted and the public pace of 4.0 percent. Indeed, even as a bigger city, Albuquerque can’t resist the urge to hold its local feel.

Fact 1
The city was established in 1706 and is perhaps of the most seasoned inland city in the United States.

Fact 2
Albuquerque is situated at a height of 5312 feet which makes it the most elevated city in the US.

Fact 3
Sightseers come from everywhere the country to see “Old Town” which is the first area of the city that was established in 1706.


Fact 4
The global sight-seeing balloon rivalries are held in this city every year and something like 400 inflatables from around the world participate in the opposition.

Fact 5
The Rio Grande River runs directly through the center of the city from north to south,

Fact 6
The Sandia mountains, which run along the eastern side of the city are an exceptionally noticeable topographical component of Albuquerque.

Fact 7
An ancient man that was over 10,000 years of age was found at a site close to the city.

Fact 8
Albuquerque is known as the “City of Lights” during Christmas time due to the customary white illuminating presences that are seen illuminated in all homes in the city.

Fact 9
The city is home to multiple 120 chapels, which is more than some other city in the US.

Fact 10
The 2012 hit film, The Avengers, was shot in Albuquerque as was the well known AMC TV series Breaking Bad.

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