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Interesting Facts You Dont Know About Wyoming

Wyoming offers fantastic climbing, mountain trekking, kayaking, getting over, and fishing, as well as the absolute best skiing in North America. Find the most ideal getaway spots in this rough Western state with our rundown of the top vacation destinations in Wyoming.

Wyoming is acknowledged as the first American state that gave women the right to vote.

In 1872 Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming became the first official National Park in the United States.

The popular family clothing, décor, and furniture store, JC Penney was established in Kemmerer, Wyoming. A large number of residents in the state work for this company.

The largest High School in the United States is Campbell County High School located in Gillette, Wyoming.

The largest coal mine in the United States is located in Wright, Wyoming. It is known as the Black Thunder coal mine.

In 1867 the first coal mine in the United States, Carbon Coal Mine, was established in Carbon, Wyoming.

When compared to all other states in the US, Wyoming has the lowest population.

The Wyoming license plate features a horse on it. The name of the horse is “Old Steamboat” and is based on a bronc0 that no one could ever ride.

The very first national monument to be recognized in the United States is Devil’s Tower. It was recognized by the nation in 1906.

There are numerous “dude ranches” located in this state with the first being Eaton Ranch located near Wolf, Wyoming. The people of this ranch were the first to call such a place a “dude ranch.”


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