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Protest In Chandigarh University, Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked

Students at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab,

protested after a student is said to have posted online private footage of the others who shared her dorm. Police have filed a report, and the accused girl has been taken into custody.

“There is only one video of the accused herself, as far as our inquiry has shown. She hasn’t filmed anyone else on video at all. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have been seized and will be forwarded for forensic analysis “According to Mohali police head Vivek Soni, ANI reported

Mr. Soni urged people not to trust rumours, claiming that no deaths or suicide attempts have been documented. “Our team is in contact with one student who was taken in an ambulance and was experiencing anxiety,” he said.

Chandigarh University’s pro-chancellor, Dr. RS Bawa, stated in a statement: “The media is spreading a story that 60 students had problematic MMS, however this is completely untrue and without foundation. Except for a private film that a female shot and shared with her boyfriend, no videos of students were discovered during the university’s early examination to be undesirable.”

According to Dr. RS Bawa, Chandigarh University “itself volunteered the further investigation to the Punjab Police Department which has taken one girl into custody and has filed a FIR under IT Act… All the mobile phones and other material has been handed over to the police for further investigation” in response to the students’ request.

A high-level investigation into the incident has been launched, according to Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. “Sad to hear about the Chandigarh University event. Our pride is in our daughters. have commanded an extensive investigation of the situation. Anyone found guilty will face harsh punishment. I communicate with the administration frequently. I urge everyone to stay away from rumours.”

In a statement, the National Commission for Women stated that they have taken the situation seriously. “Chairperson Ms. Rekha Sharma has written to the vice chancellor of Chandigarh University and the director general of police, Punjab, to seek harsh action against the guilty.” They also requested that the females impacted by the incident receive the required support.

The investigation is ongoing, according to Manisha Gulati, chair of the Punjab State Women Commission. “Investigative work is being done because this is a significant subject. I’m here to reassure all parents of pupils that the accused will not escape punishment “She spoke. Ms. Gulati added that a few protesting students began to experience anxiety last night, which is why ambulances were dispatched to the school.

Punjab is ruled by the Aam Aadmi Party, which is led by Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal branded the act “shameful” and urged patience. “A girl at Chandigarh University gained notoriety by making offensive recordings of numerous female students. This is a terrible, disgusting situation. The strongest punishment will be meted out to all of the offenders implicated. Girls who are victims are brave. We all support you. Everyone displays patience “According to Mr. Kejriwal’s tweet.

Senior party official Pawan Khera from the Opposition Congress has pleaded with people to refrain from sharing the leaked footage. “Please refrain from reposting, forwarded, or sharing any MMS or videos of the atrocity at #chandigarhuniversity, all responsible Indians. Let’s cultivate a culture of digital responsibility “Tweeted he.

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